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Industry Leading Photochromic and Transitional Films

IR|BAN window films, pronounced ur'bun, are the worlds most technologically advanced. Years of research and development have resulted in a true SMART FILM. Our films are intelligent and respond to your needs. A multilayer hybrid consisting of Nano-Ceramic particles and precious metal coatings infused with Bio-Chromic automation which allows IR|BAN films to darken as needed in response to the Sun's exposure and then return to their original state. Before transition, this responsive intelligence provides a visually clear solution with the performance and specifications that parallels the most successful brands in our industry. IR|BAN films Darken or transition in response to sunlight and UV exposure, adding a secondary defense against thermal heat gain, glare, and discomfort. Improved performance when you need it. IR|BAN is the solution. Regardless of whether the project is commercial, residential or automotive IR|BAN's 5 separate and specifically designed films provide for a full suite of spectrally selective solutions.





Information about this revolutionary film coming soon.


The perfect window film. A 2.5 mil Revolution. Spectrally Selective, High Definition with (Vision+) formula and 99.8% UV reduction.


A 3mil thick scientific breakthrough, boasting an unmatched transition of 72%+ VLT (before) to 35% (after).


4 mil of multifunction excellence! A combination of both heat rejection for warmer days and insulation for colder days. We understand the heating season is just as important as the cooling.


Information about this revolutionary film coming soon.


Information about this revolutionary film coming soon.


A 3mil workhorse film for the most demanding needs. VLT from 45% (before) to 15% (after) with maximum heat rejection and glare reduction.


Information about this revolutionary film coming soon.