Experience theDifference.

Industry Leading Photochromic and Transitional Films

IR|BAN window films are the worlds most technologically advanced. Years of research and development have resulted in a true SMART FILM. Our films are intelligent and respond to your needs. A multilayer hybrid consisting of Nano-Ceramic particles and precious metal coatings infused with Bio-Chromic automation which allows IR|BAN films to darken as needed in response to the Sun's exposure and then return to their original state. Before transition, this responsive intelligence provides a visually clear solution with the performance and specifications that parallels the most successful brands in our industry. IR|BAN films Darken or transition in response to sunlight and UV exposure, adding a secondary defense against thermal heat gain, glare, and discomfort. Improved performance when you need it.
IR|BAN is the solution. Regardless of whether the project is commercial, residential or automotive IR|BAN's 5 separate and specifically designed films provide for a full suite of spectrally selective solutions.